Conversation about summer vacation

Practice the Conversations of This Topic with Mike. Making Plans for the Weekend 1. Repeat A: What are you doing this weekend? B: I am not sure. What are you doing? A: I was thinking of maybe taking a drive to the beach.

B: That sounds like a great idea! A: Would you be interested in joining me? B: Sure, I would love to go with you. When would you be leaving? A: I thought that we could leave around on Saturday morning. B: That would give us plenty of time to explore. Did you know that there is a music festival on the beach in Santa Barbara?

A: That was part of my plan. B: Well then, I'll see you on Saturday. Thanks for asking me to go with you. Repeat A: Do you have any plans for the weekend? B: I haven't given it much thought. What were you thinking of doing? A: I was planning on taking a trip up the coast to the beach.

B: What a perfect thing to do on a beautiful weekend! A: Would you like to come along? B: I think I would enjoy that a lot. When would we leave? A: Saturday morning around B: Good. That would get us there with time to look around. There is a music festival in Santa Barbara on the beach that day. A: Yes, I was hoping to be able to go to the festival.

B: I am so glad we talked.Related: HolidaysTravel Did you enjoy your last vacation? How was your vacation? How do you feel after a long vacation? How many days was your vacation? How much money did you spend on your last vacation?

Did you encounter any problems during your vacation? How did you resolve them? Did you have a part-time job during the holidays? Did you have any bad experiences? Did you meet any interesting people? Cn you tell me about them.

Did you notice any cross-cultural differences during your vacation? Did you study during the vacation? If so, what did you study? How was your trip? Why did you visit the place s you went to?

conversation about summer vacation

How did you get there? Why did you choose the means of transportation that you chose? How much luggage did you take? Would you take the same or different equipment next time?

How to Talk about Vacation Plans in English

In what ways did you obtain real satisfaction when you were on vacation? Was the place you went to very different from where you live? What were the women like? What were the men like? Were people friendly? Did you stay in a hotel? What was the daily rate? What historical sites did you visit and what did you learn?

What interesting people did you meet? Tell me about them. What souvenirs did you buy? What was the best food you ate during your vacation?

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What was the most enjoyable thing that you did during your vacation? What was the most interesting thing that you did during the vacation? What was the most interesting thing you did during the holiday?Many people travel to new places during their summer vacations. Some go on cruises; other people visit the beach. However, other people like to spend time near home and just relax where they are. How about you? What are some activities you like to do during your vacations?

Describing your vacation: Conversation topics in English

We need to hit the road before a. Woman: The library is boring. We could do that anytime. How about on Monday we go down to the lake and go swimming at the lake? Man: Ah, I don't know. I think it's going to hot that day, and I might get a sunburn.

Woman: You didn't break your arm last time. You won't break it this time. Come on. We'll go. So Monday, we'll go to the lake; Tuesday, we're going to go mountain biking.

Talking about Vacations In English

Woman: Um, Wednesday, I was thinking we could go fishing. Remember the last time we went? I caught like 10 huge fish. Woman: You know, I like board games, but we can do that anytime. Why don't we go. Friday or Saturday. We'll do all those things we talked about and then Friday or Saturday, we'll go on a picnic to the mountains.

The form collects name and email so that we can add you to our newsletter list for project updates. Check out our privacy policy for the full story on how we protect and manage your submitted data! Describe a vacation you took by yourself or with family and friends. Where did go and what did you do?

What did you enjoy most about the trip? Use the Internet to find a good place to take a vacation and find information to answer these questions:. Read complete Terms of Use for more information. Follow Randall:.Duke: You promised to complete all the assignments during the holidays!

What did you do in the holidays then, if not this? My brother had an accident and I had to be with him at the hospital. Duke: Oh, yeah!

All I got was blue sea and clear sky! Jerry: I need a break myself. Going to apply for a 7-day leave today. Jerry : Yep. My flight got delayed 7 hours. Then the taxi to the hotel broke down. We welcome your valuable suggestions,comments and queries. We definitely would give our best of the efforts to bring to you lessons with new and better ideas,teaching you English in just 2 minute lessons.

Introduction Welcome to twominenglish. Teaching you English through two-minute lessons. In this lesson you will learn phrases that you can use to ask your friends about their holidays.

Summer Plans - Daily English Conversations - Learn English Conversation - English Lesson

How Was Your Vacation? Frank: So, how was your vacation? Brandy: Oh! Frank: Wow! Where did you go? Brandy: We went to the Bahamas. Frank: Really? Did you go with your parents? Brandy: Of course not! I went with my cousins.

We had a blast! Frank: I can imagine that. Did you take any pictures? Brandy: Yes. You can check them out. Duke: Why is all this work still pending? Frank: What do you mean? Jerry: How were your holidays? Duke: Totally amazing! I needed that break.Talking about your last vacation is a good topic to prove how much you have learned about the simple past.

I wen t with my daughter, my wife and some friends. We got to San Carlos around PMwe had dinner there, picked some people up and headed home. We arrived at the beach at AM, we immediately went to swim then we made some sandwiches for lunch. After lunch, we went to run and we left the beach before PM.

Around 9, we called our friends and we met outside a dance club because we wanted to dance. We spent like three hours in the club and we got back to the hotel. Last year, I went to Cartagena with my family and my best friend Luis. We visited my cousins Mayra and Alejandra. My first impression of them it was very good, they are friendly and fun. That island is amazing, it looks like a paradise, I took many pictures.

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The food was excellent. We ate shrimp rice and shrimp cocktail. I had a great time with my family. We spent three amazing days in Cartagena. I went to Conchal Beach with my friends.

We stayed at a small hotel right in front of the beach. The first day we were there we took surfing lessons, my friends and I had so much fun hanging out at the beach. There was another beach nearby, probably a five-minute walk and you are in Brasilito beach.

We watched the sunset and we set a fire at night. We spent most of three days in the beach and we usually went to club at night located in a place called Tamarindo. There is a beach in Tamarindo too. It was so much fun. I wanted to visit all the places I lived, so I visited Baja Verapaz. It has changed a lot.

I also went to the supermarket near my old house. We did some touristy things too.Listen to the recording on vacations and read along with the conversation. Review the key vocabulary and the sample sentences.

conversation about summer vacation

Woman : Hey, Hey. Why don't we do something fun next week? We never do anything fun.

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Man : Well. I don't know. What do you have in mind? The library is boring. We could do that anytime. How about on Monday we go down to the lake and go swimming at the lake? Man : Ah, I don't know. I think it's going to hot that day, and I might get a sunburn.

Woman : Wimp! We can do. So Monday, we'll go down to the lake. Tuesday, we're going to go mountain biking. Um, it's supposed to be cloudy so your tender skin shouldn't get burned. Man : Oh, that's sounds great.

Conversation Questions About Summer!

Woman : You didn't break your arm last time. You won't break it this time. Come on. We'll go. So Monday, we'll go to the lake; Tuesday, we're going to go mountain biking.

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Um, Wednesday, I was thinking we could go fishing. Remember the last time we went?Talking about vacations in English is of the most common topics in a classroom, and why not? Who doesn't like to take vacations? Discussing vacations provides students with the opportunity to use travel-related vocabularyas well as a theme that all students enjoy. Encouraging conversation about vacations to practice travel-related vocabulary. Share Flipboard Email. Kenneth Beare.

Student survey followed by a choice of dream vacation based on student input. Intermediate to advanced. Introduce the topic of vacations by telling about one of your favorite vacations. Ask students to come up with different types of vacation activities and write these on the board. If necessary or helpful, review vocabulary about travel. Give each student a vacation survey and have them pair up to interview each other. Once they've interviewed each other, have students choose a dream vacation for their partner.

This exercise can be repeated numerous times with different partners. As a class, ask each student which vacation they chose for their partner and why. As a follow-up exercise, students can write a short essay by choosing a dream vacation and explaining the choice.

Which sentence best describes your feelings towards vacations? My idea of a good vacation is staying at home. My idea of a good vacation is to visit a number of important cities and explore the culture.

My idea of a good vacation is to travel to an exotic beach in a foreign country and then relax for two weeks. My idea of a good vacation is to put on my backpack and disappear into the hills for a few weeks.

conversation about summer vacation

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